Fat is unhealthy which is why deep down I think we view it as wrong.

Skinny says malnourished which is why I feel deep down we view it was wrong

Sickness. Is not attractive.
We don’t look for sick people to fall in love with. Sick makes us uncomfortable.

We should not strive to be skinny, we should not try to be more plump.
We should just try to be healthy.

"I can’t help it" you say as I watch you eat four muffins and chug Mountain Dew.

"I can’t help it you say" as I watch you dump your entire lunch in the trash.

You need to eat, you need to eat healthy, you need to exercise.
Just because you’re skinny doesn’t mean you starve, just because you’re fat doesn’t mean you gorge.

Results aren’t overnight
And a lot of us our struggling.
Maybe it isn’t a fight you want to fight and that’s fine. Life isn’t fair that’s entirely true. Some people are treated better than others.

Skinny privilege, that doesn’t feel like a thing. “Oh he must not eat, look how skinny, I know you’re full just have another helping etc etc”

Fat privilege doesn’t feel like a thing either. “It’s ok I mean he’s probably just hungry that’s only his second hamburger let him has more (or) slow down a little the food won’t disappear”

Society is oppressive. Society has beliefs and stereotypes which they will force upon you until the end of time. We all have it rough, regardless of body, skin, or culture. We’re all in this together and I think people forget that. People say, “Oh I hate her she’s so skinny”.
And “what a fatass”. Yeah that hurts.

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